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Our endeavor is your Good Health


SEHHA GERMANY provides health care and medical assistance services for international patients from around the world in Germany & UK. We are an independent medical service provider which works with an extensive network of doctors, medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics and tourism companies to provide you a complete package of health services.

Our endeavor is, to provide the possibility to get first class medical services from Germany & UK. Through our contacts worldwide, we would to like provide smooth running of the entire organization and your travel to Germany, arranging your arrival, stay, visits to the specialist doctors,  arrangement at the hospital and then at the rehab centers and all of this with professional assistance and experienced managers.

Mr. Noureddine Seddiki has founded  SEHHA GERMANY. Mr. Seddiki has studied Bachelors in Business Studies at the University of Frankfurt and has written his Bachelor thesis on “Medical Tourism and the Potential of Medical Services for the Arab World”.  Mr. Seddiki is well versed with the situations of patients from other countries, well connected in Germany & UK and understands the complexities involved in providing these services.  He has worked for SAP, Deutsche Telekom and also for the Frankfurt Höchst Hospital. His experiences and expertise helps him understand the needs of his patients and provide these services in the best possible manner.

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