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Great health is key to good living

patient-services-3Great health is the best advantage we have. SEHHA GERMANY overcomes boundaries, to provide services to best medical treatment for a long and healthy lifestyle.

As a bridge between the patients from the Arab World and the German Health System, SEHHA GERMANY understands the needs of its patients and advises them to the best doctors and specialists for the finest treatment and care.

Benefit from our intercultural experience and vast network of specialist doctors from various medical faculties. We will bring you to the best doctors to address your condition with the best therapies and rehabilitation.

Medical Services at a glance
  • Initial interview with the patient, to clearly understand the current health conditions and create a report
  • Examination of available medical reports and translation of these reports into German language
  • Arranging appointments with specialist doctors for initial diagnosis based on case history and transfer patients to specialist hospitals
  • Detailed projection of treatment costs
  • Complete support for visa processing for patients and relatives
  • Organizing complete flight travels and stay in Germany
  • Upon arrival, patient and relatives will be accompanied by our personnel to the specialist hospital or to the clinic of specialist doctors
  • A translator will help you with translation on medical terminology and facilitate patient-doctor conversation
  • As and when a rehabilitation requirement is needed post treatment, we will organize the best rehab centers for the specific rehab requirements
  • Translation of all medical reports post-surgery or treatments
  • Post treatment we will consult the patients on treatments and care back in native country or in Germany
The best possible medical care services

patient-services-2To provide the best possible medical care services, we would like to have a picture of your current health conditions to assist you in the best possible way.


Kindly use the contact form or call us to get in touch with our specialists. We will get in touch with you and discuss your needs, get an idea of treatment requirements, a projection on the duration of treatment and rehab and cost estimates. These services are nonbinding and your private data will be treated as strictly confidential.

Medical Check-Up Services

patient-services-1In case you currently do not have medical or health issues, we offer various Medical Check-Up Services.


These preventive full body checkups will give you an overview of your current health conditions. We will advise you with complete reports and how you could avoid any serious health conditions and take preventive measures to ensure your great health


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